How Can You Get Staff to Stay Long Term? Advance Employees Answer

Retention is often a top concern for companies. Every employer wants to keep their best and brightest on staff, so they often seek out opportunities to enhance the employee experience and encourage skilled professionals to stay long-term.

However, figuring out how to approach retention can be a challenge. Not every professional wants the same things, and an option that may have seemed like a winner on paper may not pan out in reality.

The recruiters at The Advance Group understand the struggle and want to help companies understand what it takes to keep your staff on board long-term. Here’s what they had to share.

The Power of Culture and Perks – Tara Robison, Regional Business Development

When asked about how companies can encourage employees to stay long-term, Tara’s focus quickly went to culture. “I feel that what’s most important in getting employees to stay long term is promoting a work environment that’s positive,” she said. “Have company policies and structure that enhance the employee experience, making sure everyone is treated fairly and feels appreciated.”

Tara also believes in the power of perks. “People always enjoy perks,” said Tara. “In-house massages, lunches, summer hours, early release on holiday weekends, beer Fridays, relaxed dress code, company
social events… those are all popular options.”

Ample vacation time, birthdays off, expanded holiday pay, and other work-life balance offerings are also great incentives that boost retention, according to Tara.

Respect and Aligning Work with the Mission – Alayna Starrett, Business Development

According to Alayna, the biggest and easiest thing a company can do is treat employees with respect. However, helping them understand how their role aligns with the bigger picture also makes a difference.

“Show them why they are important to the success of your business,” said Alayna. “Coach instead of dictate,” she added. “Employees stay when they feel like they are valued as part of the team.”

Understanding Employees’ Motivations – Tyler Vanderhorst, Branch Manager

Tyler also believes that appreciation goes a long way when companies want to enhance retention. However, he takes it a step further.

“The most effective way to showcase your appreciation is to find out what means the most to each employee and go from there,” said Tyler. “Some employees are motivated by positive feedback, others may be motivated by a pay increase or some other type of monetary incentive, and others may be
motivated by opportunities to learn more.”

By figuring out what motivates the employee to excel, you connect with them on a new level, increasing the odds that they’ll stick around.

Don’t Overlook the Impact of Good Communication – Mindy VanAcker, Branch Manager

“I think the biggest thing for me is communication,” said Mindy when asked this question. “I am big on making sure I have all the information that I can get and that it’s accurate.”

“Often, employers are quick to shield information from employees. While they think they may be helping, it seems to hurt more.”

“Communication is effective in keeping morale up, keeping confidences up, and continued growth,” she added. “If people aren’t communicating information to their employees, they may feel excluded or not a value to the company.

Mindy believes strongly in transparency as a means of boosting retention and listening to employees to learn more about their perspective. “When someone feels their opinion matters, and they are part of the conversations,” said Mindy, “they will be more deeply committed as a whole.”

Those are just some of the insights our recruiters want to share. If you’d like to learn more about how you can get your staff to stay long-term, the team at The Advance Group can help. Contact us today.






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