Start Getting the Best Out of Your Team!

As a manager, you know the importance of getting the best out of your team. But figuring out how to prime them for success can often be quite challenging. Every employee is motivated by different things, making it hard for managers to choose approaches that will achieve the desired result.

Luckily, there are a few universally valuable techniques. If you need to get the best out of your team, here’s what you need to know.

Motivating Your Team for Success

While every employee may be motivated by different things, certain points are universal. First, if you want to ensure your team exceeds expectations, you need to make sure your expectations are clear from the beginning. Without definitive insights into your goals and priorities, they won’t know where to aim, causing them to potentially fall short simply because they didn’t know what success was in your eyes.

Second, feedback needs to be constructive and continuous. If you notice an issue, address it immediately in private. That way, the employee won’t build a bad habit simply because they weren’t aware that it was a problem.

Additionally, make recognition part of your culture. Publicly praising your team for a job well done helps keep morale high. Not only will your employees feel seen, but they will also feel valued, and that goes a long way.

Finally, help your team understand how their efforts impact the broader mission. By doing so, even the smallest tasks can seem more meaningful. Often, this causes the quality of outputs and engagement to rise, both of which create better job performance.

Hiring to Improve Team Performance

When you want to make sure your team is primed to exceed expectations, hiring the best is necessary continuously. Without top talent for your open positions, productivity and output quality may suffer. Plus, being shorthanded or keeping an underperformer onboard harms morale, leading to more performance challenges.

If you want to hire to improve team performance, you need to make sure the chosen candidate is an excellent fit on multiple fronts. First, they need the right core skills as well as a willingness to learn. That way, if they need to update their skill set, they will be happy to dive into new territory and effective at skill acquisition.

Additionally, the new hire needs to mesh with your team’s and company’s culture. Without the right mindset, even a highly skilled employee can falter. That’s why having both the proper technical capabilities along with being a culture fit is so crucial. Together, that leads to long-term success, both for them individually and at the team level.

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