Is That New Job Offer Too Good to Be True…?

Is That New Job Offer Too Good to Be True…?

Receiving a job offer is exciting, particularly if the position seems like a perfect fit. However, not all companies are forthright during the hiring process. Some may omit details about the role that they believe you’ll find unattractive. Others may offer high salaries to disguise issues, such as a toxic environment that drives employees away.

Verbal promises that the company refuses to put in writing is another sign of potential trouble. The same goes for a hiring manager that’s overeager about getting you to commit or having you start immediately.

However, even if there are red flags, some candidates may feel like not moving forward isn’t a viable option. If that happens, some may find themselves suddenly working in a new job that isn’t what they believed it would be, and many are too fearful to leave. Worries about seeming like a job hopper or becoming unemployed might make heading for the door seem impossible. However, you do have options.

If you landed a new job that isn’t what you were promised, here’s what you need to do.

Consider Whether You Want to Stay at All

While the idea of leaving might be difficult to swallow, there are instances where that should be your primary plan. For example, if the workplace is toxic, even a change in duties won’t solve that issue. Consider whether there’s anything worth saving and if the answer is “no,” then it’s better to start planning your exit.

However, in some cases, staying with this employer might seem like a viable option. If the culture is amazing, the compensation is reasonable, and the environment meets your needs, you might not want to head for the door just yet. If so, use the tips below to see if the job is salvageable.

Sit Down with Your Manager

If there is something potentially worth saving, you’ll need to have a conversation with your manager about your job. While the idea of discussing your dissatisfaction not long after being hired is daunting, it’s worth doing. Schedule a meeting with your manager to talk about the position. Then, before that time arrives, gather evidence regarding what you were promised and combine that with samples of your current assigned tasks.

When you present the issue, don’t be accusatory. Instead, simply describe the misalignment, highlighting how what was agreed upon doesn’t match your responsibilities. Once you do, you can ask what steps can be taken to create the needed alignment. If your manager is agreeable and open to making changes, you may be able to turn this into the ideal job. If not, then you’ll need to decide if staying or leaving is in your best interest.

Prepare to Explain Why You’re Leaving the Position

When the job was misrepresented to the point where leaving seems like the best option, you’ll need to address your short tenure when you start interviewing for new roles. While this may seem daunting, being honest about what occurred can work in your favor.

Let hiring managers know that the job didn’t match up to what was advertised or what was presented during the hiring process. As a result, it isn’t the best fit for your career, so you’re seeking out new opportunities that align with your capabilities, preferences, and goals.

Usually, a simple explanation similar to what’s outlined above is enough to give the hiring manager a clear picture. Plus, it doesn’t require you to badmouth the role or company specifically, ensuring you come across as professional.

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