Want to Find Out About an Employer’s Culture? Ask These Questions

Want to Find Out About an Employer’s Culture? Be Sure to Ask These Questions

During a job interview, candidates typically get a chance to ask the hiring manager a handful of questions toward the end of the meeting. That moment is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the company’s culture.

By asking the right questions, job seekers can get critical insights that let them assess the overall fit in that regard.

Here are a few questions to find out about an employer’s culture.

Can You Describe the Company’s Culture and Current Team Dynamic?

This question is incredibly direct, as it explicitly asks the hiring manager to outline the company’s culture, as well as the culture of the team the new hire is joining. While the hiring manager is discussing their own perspective on the culture, what they mention as positives commonly reflects the company’s greatest strengths in that arena.

How Did This Position Become Available?

With this question, you can learn quite a bit about the company’s culture. If the job is vacant because the person who previously held it was promoted internally, that indicates a growth-oriented culture, which is positive. If the role is new and part of company expansion efforts, it shows the organization is focused on maintaining optimal staffing and wants to support its current trajectory, which is also a good sign.

If the manager states that the previous employee left the organization, that isn’t inherently a red flag, as some degree of turnover will always occur. However, it does mean it’s wise to spend more time assessing the company.

What’s the Average Tenure in This Role? The Company?

Generally, high turnover and low tenures are an indication that there’s something undesirable about the job or the company. Longevity typically only occurs if the employees are getting enough value from the position. As a result, higher numbers are preferred, though anything near the average – which sits in the 3.8 to 4.3 years range – is often reasonable.

How Does the Company Support Growth and Skill Development?

For candidates that want opportunities to grow and advance, asking this question lets you see if that’s a viable option at this particular employer. Ideally, the manager will outline several formal programs, such as a traditional training option and supplemental programs focused on mentorship, job shadowing, or other supportive paths that lead to professional development.

Can You Describe Your Management and Leadership Style?

With this question, candidates can learn more about the team culture, which has an impact on their experience. Managers may use a variety of styles to support, direct, and motivate employees, and not all approaches work well for each job seeker. By learning the techniques the manager employs, candidates can determine if it’s a generally good fit before moving forward.

How Is Success Measured for This Position and the Team as a Whole?

While this doesn’t seem like a culture fit question at first, the answer often reveals quite a bit. It lets candidates know about the current priorities for the job and the team, which can give you clues about what type of person may thrive in the role and environment.

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Ultimately, all of the questions above are worth asking during an interview if you want to learn about an employer’s culture. If you’d like to find out more or are seeking new opportunities, The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us today.




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