Candidates Have Options: The Importance of Acting Quickly On Submissions

Candidates Have Options: The Importance of Acting Quickly On Submissions The Advance Group

Today, landing top talent is increasingly difficult. Labor shortages are impacting a wide array of industries, and it’s functionally a candidate’s market. As a result, companies need to move quickly if they’re going to land the best and brightest.

If you’re wondering why acting fast is so vital, here’s what you need to know.

Access to Multiple Opportunities

One of the most significant reasons that companies should work to accelerate their hiring process is that candidates typically have access to multiple opportunities. Most job seekers aren’t pursuing a single opening at a time. Instead, they apply to several positions that align with their expertise and career goals. If you’re dealing with a top talent, the odds that they’ll end up in direct contact with more than one employer is, therefore, incredibly high.

When it comes to highly capable candidates, they don’t have to wait around to find an excellent opportunity. They’re actively pursued by some of the area’s leading employers. As a result, there isn’t much incentive to stand back and see whether a company that’s taking longer to work through its hiring process will come through. Instead, they may accept any right-fit job that’s offered first, causing other employers to miss out if they delay.

Essentially, acting quickly is potentially your only option for landing the best and brightest candidates. Otherwise, by the time you make a decision, they may have something new lined up already.

Favoring Quick, Transparent Hiring

While having more access to top talent is a critical part of the equation, streamlined hiring also impacts something else: your company’s reputation. Candidates prefer efficient employers with quick, transparent hiring practices. Often, that’s because they assume that cumbersome recruiting approaches are reflective of how the company operates as a whole, making it a less appealing employer.

Faster hiring implies organization and commitment, as the company had a clear goal of finding a suitable candidate and put forth effort to make it happen. As a result, it makes a better impression on job seekers, including those who weren’t selected.

Transparent hiring also shows that the company is open with candidates. In turn, it leads job seekers to believe that they treat their employees similarly. Since a lack of transparency is a significant issue among workers, being open and communicating regularly works in your favor, further boosting your reputation.

Elevated Reputation

With an elevated reputation, faster hiring also becomes easier. You’ll attract more top talent, increasing the likelihood that you’ll find a candidate that can genuinely meet your needs. As a result, it works in the employer’s favor over the long term, too.

Ultimately, the ability to act quickly when you have a top talent in your midst is essential. Otherwise, you may miss out on what they have to offer, leaving you with less-than-ideal alternative options.

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