Advance Group Success Stories

Advance Group Success Stories

The Advance Group works diligently to not just help companies find candidates but also solve problems that are hindering recruitment, hiring, and retention. Our team always strives to find effective solutions that address the unique needs of every client company we serve.

Here are some of our success stories.

Solving Retention Challenges for Production Company

A company that specializes in plastic extrusion was facing significant challenges when it came to employee turnover during their time as temp-to-hire workers. These retention struggles were having a substantial impact on productivity while also increasing overtime requirements and burnout rates among employees.

The Advance Group worked to find a solution, introducing a commitment-based hiring program that shifted away from the temp-to-hire arrangement, instead functioning as immediate direct placements. The approach allows the manufacturer to bring employees straight onto their payroll.

New hires gained quick access to an attractive and robust benefits package through the client company and clearly saw the employer’s commitment to supporting them long-term. As a result, employee retention increased by 175 percent, as well as fostered greater loyalty and engagement. Plus, it gave them more access to top talent who preferred a permanent placement, leading to higher quality candidates overall and a rise in average performance.

Additionally, commitment-based hiring minimized the cost of recruitment, using a low-fee approach over the ongoing costs associated with temp-to-hire programs. As a result, it helped the company save a substantial sum, all while ensuring their recruitment needs were met.

Ensuring a Manufacturing Company Could Scale Up Efficiently

A manufacturing company with a challenging worksite location was struggling to meet its growing staffing needs. Initially, they relied on multiple services in an attempt to close the gap, but they faced difficulties with managing all of the partnerships and handling the higher required amount of communication to recruit.

The Advance Group came up with a comprehensive solution that was tailored to the manufacturing company’s needs. First, a team from The Advance Group established an on-site presence at the client company’s location, providing coverage for all three operating shifts. By doing so, The Advanced Group gained a deep understanding of the client’s operations, making it easier to integrate into their existing workflow.

Next, The Advance Group used a grassroots recruiting campaign, focusing on local candidate sourcing and on-site interviews for faster placements. Additionally, they designed a comprehensive but streamlined hiring and onboarding process, accelerating decision-making and alleviating a significant burden for the client. Collaboration with the client’s HR team and continuous evaluation and improvement significantly improved the client’s hiring success. Ultimately, the strategy doubled the number of assigned employees in a mere five weeks, allowing the client to scale up efficiently.

Efficient Staffing Ramp-Up For Global Manufacturing Company

A global manufacturing company faced unique challenges entering a new region and partnered with The Advance Group to address them. The agency’s deep understanding of company needs, effective recruitment, and proactive talent acquisition ensured timely staffing, steady production, and adaptability to demand spikes. The collaboration enabled on-schedule production start, smooth scaling, and a solid workforce foundation, establishing the company’s foothold for growth. The partnership showcased The Advance Group’s expertise in overcoming market entry hurdles, contributing to the company’s prosperous regional future.

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Ultimately, The Advanced Group understands that personalization is often the key to success for our clients. We embrace flexible and innovative solutions that generate positive results for every company we’re fortunate enough to serve. If you’re experiencing a recruitment, hiring, or retention challenge, The Advance Group can help find a solution that works. Contact us today.




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