Attracting Diverse Young Talent With Inclusive Hiring Practices

Attracting Diverse Young Talent With Inclusive Hiring Practices

Today, companies are continuing to battle against a labor shortage, making it difficult to secure the professionals they need to thrive. While actively recruiting young talent can make a difference, focusing on diversity and inclusivity need to be part of the mix.

Here’s a look at why inclusive hiring practices are critical for attracting diverse young talent, as well as steps you can take to foster diversity and inclusivity when recruiting and hiring.

Why Inclusive Hiring Practices Are Essential for Attracting Diverse Young Talent

Younger talent views the world differently than the generations before them. While diversity and inclusivity have long been touted as foundations for ongoing business success, their impact on recruitment is only growing.

Today’s young job seekers don’t just want diverse and inclusive workplaces; they outright expect them. Failing to meet that expectation limits your access to the best and brightest, hindering recruitment and hiring.

Additionally, failing to incorporate diversity and inclusion into your overall practices limits your access to candidates. It makes it harder to reach applicants from a wide array of backgrounds, functionally restricting your talent pool. Plus, a lack of inclusion harms retention, as employees that feel unsupported typically won’t stick around for long.

How to Foster Diversity and Inclusivity When Recruiting and Hiring

Fostering diversity and inclusivity when recruiting and hiring isn’t as challenging as it seems. Begin by reviewing your job ads and job descriptions to look for gendered or culturally insensitive language. For example, referring to your ideal candidate as “he” or “she” sends a message that other genders aren’t welcome. Similarly, giving a role a job title that contains words like “ninja” could be viewed as culturally inappropriate.

Once you update your job descriptions, look for recruitment resources that can help you reach a wide array of candidates. The goal is to meet job seekers where they are, and that can require you to use new strategies.

For example, social media recruiting is practically essential if you want to connect with younger talent. Additionally, you need to choose the platforms they frequent most often. Usually, that means shifting away from options like Facebook and trying alternatives such as TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram.

Connecting with local colleges and universities can also be an excellent way to reach newly-minted professionals. Career services offices may help you participate in job fairs, list openings on school-supported job boards, or otherwise connect with soon-to-be graduates or individuals who have just earned a degree.

Requesting referrals from existing diverse employees can also work incredibly well. Every professional has a unique network, so reaching out and encouraging them to recommend people they know can lead to more diverse applicants.

Finally, consider partnering with a local recruitment agency. Staffing firms have deep talent pools brimming with skilled candidates of all ages and backgrounds. As a result, through the partnership, you get immediate access to vetted active job seekers, allowing you to reach your hiring goals.

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