Having Turnover Problems? Learn How a Staffing Partner Can Help

Having Turnover Problems? Learn How a Staffing Partner Can Help

Turnover is a challenge for nearly any business. When turnover rates are high, the churn is incredibly disruptive. Typically, it leads to significant declines in productivity. Plus, it can damage morale, increase stress among members of your workforce, and substantially increase recruitment costs. If your company is struggling with turnover, a staffing partner could be the perfect solution.

Here’s a look at how the right staffing partner can make turnover problems a thing of the past.

Multi-Faceted Candidate Screening

A common trigger for turnover is hiring job seekers who aren’t an ideal fit for the role. If a new employee isn’t equipped with the skills and traits necessary to thrive in the position, there’s a stronger chance of job dissatisfaction. If that occurs, an employee may suddenly quit or might no-call, no-show out of frustration.

By partnering with a staffing firm, companies benefit from a skilled recruitment team that will focus on finding right-fit candidates. Recruitment agencies use multi-faceted candidate screening strategies to determine whether a job seeker is a suitable match. Along with resume reviews, recruiters conduct in-depth interviews to learn more about the job seeker’s experience, abilities, needs, and preferences.

Many staffing agencies can also take it a step further. For example, recruiters may conduct skills assessments as part of the screening process. By doing so, they can determine a candidate’s exact skill level, allowing them to ascertain whether the job seeker is genuinely capable of handling the role’s assigned tasks.

Hiring for Culture Fit

Along with checking their technical capabilities, the recruiters at staffing firms also assess candidates for culture fit. This is usually a multi-step process. First, the recruitment team spends time learning about the company’s culture and values. They may also examine the existing team dynamic, allowing them to determine which traits are necessary to mesh with the existing workforce.

After learning about the company’s culture, the recruiter will use behavioral interview questions to find out more about a candidate’s characteristics, using the information they gather to determine whether they’re a strong fit for the organization. Also, they’ll speak with the job seeker about their workplace preferences, such as their preferred physical environment and the managerial style that motivates them best. That gives them a holistic view of the candidate and simplifies the process of finding right-fit professionals.

Ongoing Support to Candidates

When a candidate is selected for a position, a staffing agency continues to work with them in ways that boost retention. One of the primary steps is to conduct a thorough onboarding process. During onboarding, the recruiter prepares the soon-to-be new hire for the role at the client company. They’ll provide insights about the environment and culture, as well as an overview of what the role entails, how their first day on the job will unfold, and more. That process increases a candidate’s comfort level and also sets initial expectations, both of which can lead to higher retention.

Follow-Up After Placement

Once a candidate begins in a position, their recruiter remains available for any questions or feedback they may have to offer. The open lines of communication make the transition more comfortable and also help keep the new hire engaged.

Additionally, the recruiter will actively follow up with candidates after placement to ensure they have an excellent experience. They’ll offer support and guidance as needed, as well as celebrate their wins as they grow in their new role.

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Ultimately, all of the points above can help companies avoid turnover problems, making it easier to maintain the workforce it needs to thrive. If you’d like to learn more or are ready to find right-fit candidates to fill your open positions, The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us today at one of our convenient locations in Monroe, MI; Toledo, OH; or Southgate, OH!




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