Onsite Staffing Solutions

Business partnership meeting in office

The Challenge
Our manufacturing client, a company based in a challenging location, was struggling to manage their increasing staffing needs efficiently. They faced difficulties in communication and partnerships while relying on multiple services to meet their staffing requirements.

The Solution
The Advance Group devised a comprehensive solution tailored to their specific requirements.

  • Onsite Solutions and Coverage: The Advance Group established an onsite presence at the client’s location. Our dedicated team provided coverage for all three shifts. This onsite presence enabled us to have a deeper understanding of the client’s operations and seamlessly integrate into their workflow.
  • Grassroots Recruiting Campaign: The Advance Group devised and implemented a grassroots recruiting campaign. This involved actively sourcing candidates from local communities and conducting onsite interviews. By tapping into the expanded talent pool, we doubled the number of employees assigned in a 5-week period.
  • Streamlined Hiring and Onboarding Process: The Advance Group took responsibility for the entire hiring and onboarding process reducing logistical challenges and enabled faster decision-making. Additionally, we established a standardized onboarding process, ensuring consistency in bringing new hires up to speed with the client’s company policies, procedures, and culture. The streamlined hiring and onboarding process saved time and ensured a positive experience.
  • Collaboration with Existing HR Team: The Advance Group worked closely with client’s HR team, collaborating on various aspects of workforce management, sharing insights, expertise, and best practices.
  • Continuous Evaluation and Improvement: The Advance Group proactively identified any bottlenecks, challenges, or emerging staffing needs and swiftly addressed them to ensure ongoing success.

The Success
By implementing this solution successfully, our client experienced remarkable benefits, including reduced administrative burdens and improved response time. Our collaborative approach ensured seamless integration with the client’s HR processes and strategic goals. This led to enhanced service levels, improved communication, higher employee retention, and ultimately resulted in higher client profitability.