Commitment-Based Hiring Program

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The Challenge
Our reputable, long-term client in the Downriver Detroit area, specializing in plastic extrusion, faced significant turnover issues during the temp-to-hire period. The Advance Group recognized these retention challenges, which had a detrimental impact on production, leading to increased overtime and employee burnout.

The Solution
To address the client’s needs, The Advance Group introduced a customized Commitment-Based Hiring Program. This innovative approach allowed the client to hire employees directly, highlighting their attractive benefit package and commitment to their workforce. It provided the client with the opportunity to hire employees immediately while benefiting from a reduced fee compared to a one-time payment direct hire arrangement. This approach not only facilitated immediate hiring but also minimized risk for the client by aligning the fee payments with the employee’s continued employment.

The Success
Since the implementation of the Commitment-Based Hiring Program, our client has achieved significant results, including:

  • A sizable 175% increase in employee retention. This substantial boost in employee tenure highlights the effectiveness of the Commitment-Based Hiring Program in fostering long-term engagement and loyalty among the workforce.
  • The ability to attract a higher caliber of talent by the client’s commitment to direct hiring and immediate offering of benefits.
  • A meaningful jump in overall performance through greater workforce stability and the retention of top talent.

The Commitment-Based Hiring Program has emerged as a successful solution for our client, exemplifying their dedication to employees and enhancing their hiring outcomes. Through this innovative payment structure, the client has not only achieved cost savings associated with traditional direct hiring but has also cultivated a more devoted and high-performing workforce. This program has showcased its capacity to foster employee loyalty and make a valuable contribution to overall business success.