Can You Tell if a Candidate Will be Reliable?

  As a hiring manager, much  of your responsibility stems from having a large hand in the success of the company and its employees. Hiring managers must perform due diligence prior to making any decisions on who to add to the payroll, which is why they must vet and screen candidates extremely thoroughly. There will […]

Gap in Your Resume? How to Make it No Big Deal!

  Trying to find a new job can be difficult, but it can be even more stressful if you have a glaring gap in employment appearing on your resume. This gap could have occurred due to a period of unemployment, the choice of returning to school, taking time off to raise a family, dealing with […]

What You Need to Know Before an Internal Interview

  Internal interviews are an excellent way for employers to screen already-employed members of their company for possible promotions. In many cases, an employee scheduled for an internal interview might be under the impression that he or she has already gotten the promotion and that the interview is more of a formality. You should never […]