Are You Missing a Mobile Recruitment Strategy?

  Does your company have a mobile recruitment strategy in place? Perhaps it should. A recent workforce survey conducted by IBM Smarter Workforce Institute indicated that 70 percent of high-potential candidates prefer and are drawn to companies that have a mobile recruitment options. Around 12,000 workers representing organizations around the world said they use mobile […]

5 Ways To Find Hardworking Millennials

  Millennials are overtaking the workforce as baby boomers continue to retire, which is why companies are trying to find new ways to land hardworking millennials. Some are incredibly easy to find because they work internships with a company before receiving an offer of employment. Others might not be so easy to find because they […]

Are You Conducting Post-Interview Reviews?

Companies are always looking for new ways to improve their hiring decisions because the cost of a bad hire can be astronomical. Companies also do not want to waste the time of the candidates they interview. This is why some companies have begun conducting post-interview reviews. More companies should take part in this exercise in […]

Why Candidates Like Rejection Letters — Sort Of

A job search can be stressful, no matter how seasoned or qualified someone is. Much of the stress is caused when companies fail to respond to applicants for weeks following an interview. A good practice is to send out a rejection letter promptly to all the candidates who did not get chosen for an employment […]

How to Address Resume Gaps in an Interview

  Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for candidates to walk in for an interview presenting several resume gaps in their employment history. The recession took a toll on many good people, who lost their jobs and then spent months or even years trying to find gainful employment. Some headed back to college and lived at home […]

Have Two Great Candidates? How do You Decide Whom to Hire?

  It happens in every hiring manager’s life: two great candidates present themselves for a single job opening. This can be quite the dilemma because it’s growing ever more difficult to find the best people for certain positions and so if two come along it’s like striking a goldmine. But, the company must make a […]