Why Your Manufacturing Company Should have a Blog

Blogging is big business these days. Retail businesses and major corporations fully understand this. Unfortunately, some manufacturing businesses have been slow to understand this trend. Venturing into social media can seem like a scary concept for those who are new to online marketing.

However, blogs aren’t going away and they can actually be important tools for businesses of all shapes and sizes—even manufacturing businesses. Here are just a few reasons why your manufacturing company should have a blog.

Brand Promotion

Your business is a brand. Public perception is almost everything to businesses in the information age. The more information that makes its way onto the World Wide Web, information that is controlled by you, the better it will be for the health and long-term wellbeing of your brand.

Blogs are an excellent resource for providing frequent updates about all the good things going on in your business. More importantly, they are excellent tools for solidifying your brand with existing and potential customers. When you control the information on the Internet, at least a majority of that information, you’re able to have a huge impact on public opinion about your business.

Recruiting Tool

Keeping an active business blog for your manufacturing company is also a great way to recruit top talent in your field. A large percentage of job seekers today do the bulk of their job seeking online. The Internet is a major tool in the job search process these days and that isn’t likely to change.

By posting openings in your company on your blog you’re going to come up with a larger potential pool of knowledgeable and skilled employees than with a random job posting on most job boards. If you need specialized skills, this is the place to let people know about the positions that are available and which specific sets of skills are needed.

People who are reading your blog are likely to be people involved in the industry, first of all, so they’re likely to have the skills you need. Second, these may be people who weren’t necessarily looking for a job, but may be intrigued by the specific jobs you have available. Finally, it’s another way to bring attention to your manufacturing business and establish yourself in the eyes of potential employees and customers as a legitimate force in your particular manufacturing field.

The bottom line is that all businesses in today’s competitive marketplace, whether they are manufacturing businesses or fast food restaurants need blogs to provide a steady stream of data and information to the buying public while building their brands and reputation online. If you’re not controlling the conversation about your business on the Internet, to some degree, it leaves the doors open for people who do not have the best interests of your business in mind to control that information.

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