Developing Core Values and Company Culture as One

As a general rule of thumb, a company’s leader is the key person to turn to when it comes to developing a set of core values for the company. In fact, this will ultimately make a difference in the company’s culture.

What are your company’s core values? For that matter, do you know what your own are? To find out, ask more questions and get to the heart of what makes your business operation. A good way to do this is to consider what makes the leaders of the company tick.

Feeling Alive

One of the key questions to ask leaders is when they feel the most alive within the scope of the business. For example, in some settings, the thing that drives a young company is the determination and the push to grow that is present in the leaders. They want the start-up to succeed and that is why they work so hard at it. In other words, ask, “What makes this business culture come to life?” You want to address the specific factors driving the company.

What Brings Up the Negative?

It is also important to determine what brings up the raw, negative emotions so common in some business environments. What gets under your skin as a business leader? For example, if one leader is arrogant, this can affect the remaining team members. Sometimes, a sense of failure that is looming could put the brakes on the successes you feel. Identifying this could help you to refocus the business, as you need to do so.

What Can You Borrow From?

Another way to look at the core culture of your business is to consider other systems you can borrow from. For example, there may be various narratives to use to help you create a value system. No matter if, it is religious or not, you need to have a set of standards that employees and leaders follow. You may practice displaying the worth of the employee. You may be focusing on avoiding instrumental behavior. The key here is to have some set of rules, written or not, that help to demonstrate where your business’s core values stem from. This can make the biggest difference in if everyone is focused on the same thing.

As you consider your business and core values, ask yourself if you, as a leader, are doing everything it takes really to be the best example for your company. Your company culture may be dependent on the way you interact and respect each other in the workplace. Take some time to consider these factors. Consider them at a personal level as the leader of your company and again at the company level. Your business culture could be founded on these, whether you realize it or not.

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