How to Conduct Research on the Company Before Your Interview

Receiving the call for a job interview can be very exciting, especially for those who have been out of work for quite some time. Before you can step foot in the door for the interview, you need to perform a little bit of research on the company. Why? The research you perform can be the difference between being called back for a second interview and being dismissed from the interview quickly. It will also help you determine if the company can offer you the right career experience.

Always Browse the Website

The first thing you should do is browse the company’s website. This is where you will find the most company information, from policies to history to the company blog. You will be able to get a feel for the corporate culture by looking at pictures posted on the site of its employees, workspace, and company  events. You will also be able to construct a few good questions to ask the interviewer by looking at the website.

Browse Competitor Websites

Even if you were able to find the company’s website, you should also browse the websites of the company’s competitors. This will help you learn about the industry, what changes occur at companies such as the one you are interviewing for, and much more. The more you understand about the industry, the better you can walk into the interview with confidence.

Try to Find Business Reviews

You can find out a lot about the company by logging onto corporate review forums on the Internet. You might be able to come across current and former employees voicing their opinions about the company. This could help you learn about the company and how it treats its employees. At the very least, run a quick check on the company via the Better Business Bureau online.

Find Out What the Company Sells

Prior to attending an interview, make sure that you find out what types of products the company manufactures or the services it sells. This will help you determine if the interview is even worth it for you as an employee. It will also help you get a better feel for the company and what type of market it operates in when doing business.

Take Notes

When performing your research on the company, make sure you write down some notes. Find out what the company’s goals are, its mission statement and its core values. All of this should be published on the company’s website. Since you are taking notes, be sure to bring those notes with you to the interview. You will be able to reference them during your answers, which will impress the interviewer, and you can use them to ask questions when prompted.

Check with Employment Agencies in Detroit MI

Perhaps your best source of information about the company you are about to interview for is with the staffing agency you are partnered with. Employment Agencies in Detroit MI know a great deal about companies in the area because they either staff for them or they are associated with them through business mixers and industry events. Ask your staffing representative to shed some light on the company before you head out to the interview in person.

If you take the time to research a company prior to a job interview you will find that the conversation with the interviewer will be much easier and coherent. You will have plenty of questions to ask and you can provide excellent answers.

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