What You Need to Know BEFORE Interviewing

As you prepare for your next job interview, there are a few things you should keep in mind before setting foot on the company’s property. Never arrive for a job interview unprepared. You are only wasting your time and the time of the interviewer. You also will find it difficult to secure the job offer.

Rememeber, the more prepared you are for an interview, the more likely it is that you will be offered the job. Follow these tips and you will find success in your next job interview.

Always Review Your Resume

The very first thing you need to do is review your resume. Even if you just went on an interview last month, check your resume again. The reason you might not have been offered that job is something on your resume. Read it out loud, read it backwards and have someone else read it to find any and all mistakes. Make sure that there are no jobs missing from your timeline either.

Study the Company

Never walk into an interview without having some knowledge about the company – such as their founding, their leadership, and their clients. When you perform research on the company you will be able to impress the interviewer in multiple facets. When the interviewer asks you questions about the company, and you answer promptly and with confidence, you will prove to the interviewer how well you can perform research and that you definitely want to work at this company.

Create a List of Questions

A job interview is not supposed to be an interrogation of the candidate. It should be an open conversation between two or more people. In order to make sure this is an open conversation you can prepare a list of questions prior to the interview. The questions should be in response to statements made by the interviewer showing that you have strong critical thinking skills as well as the ability to think on your feet. Even though you might have created the list beforehand, the interviewer will still be impressed with your preparation.

Rehearse the Interview

There is nothing wrong with rehearsing how the interview will take place prior to it occurring. Since interviews do not follow a script, you should write one and work off of that at home. Write down the most common interview questions you have come across during your career and practice answering those questions. By rehearsing these answers you will be able to speak confidently during the actual interview and feel a little more relaxed.
There is plenty for you to do prior to a job interview. Just be sure that you do some sort of preparation prior to sitting down with an interviewer so you put yourself ahead of the game. For access to great part time and full time, temp to hire jobs in Detroit and surrounding areas, be sure to visit the career portal at Advance Temporary Staffing.




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