Setback at Work? No Problem! Here’s How to Recover


At some point in almost everyone’s career, there will be a setback. It could be as simple as not performing well during an interview or as dramatic as being unexpectedly laid off. Regardless of the situation, facing career challenges is part of the norm, so it is critical to find ways to manage these struggles when they occur. And much of addressing setbacks properly has to do with reframing how you view the situation in the first place.

If you want to change your mindset to make recovering from a setback easier, here are some tips to get you started.

Identify Your Current Thoughts

The first step involves evaluating how you currently see the situation at hand. This process requires you to step back and consider whether you are viewing the events realistically or if they are colored by negative emotions you may be feeling.

For example, after a poor interview performance, it is easy to think that you will never get another opportunity like it again. However, the truth is that new jobs become available on a daily basis, so it is unlikely that is your last chance to secure a new position.

Try the Opposite Perspective On for Size

Once you’ve identified your negative thoughts or feelings on a matter, take the time to see it from the opposite viewpoint. Instead of seeing a missed opportunity or failure, consider if the outcome is actually a success.

This approach isn’t about complete accuracy; it is intended to get you thinking about the situation in a new way and allowing your mind to make new connections. Often, focusing on the counter to your original mindset helps you bridge the gap between the two and will enable you to find a sense of balance.

Pick the Mindset You Prefer

After you’ve assessed the situation from opposing perspectives, choose which mindset you’d rather have and move forward. Much of how we react to a perceived setback is based on our chosen mindset, and perspectives can be changed at any time. That means you can opt to see the outcome as positive regardless of what happened.

For example, using the interview example from before, you can decide to see it as a learning opportunity that will help you perform better next time, or might consider if you’re less than stellar performance was due to the fact that something about the job wasn’t actually right for you. Then, simply identify what you can do to manage things better the next time around and head on to the next challenge.

The important thing to remember about mindsets is they are never completely accurate. So, choose the perspective that is most beneficial to you and allows you to move forward confidently.

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