Turn Your Workplace into a “Best Place to Work”


Most companies are familiar with the “Best Places to Work” list created by the site Glassdoor. Those who make the list often have their pick of top talent, making them models that many businesses strive to follow. But what separates a good company from a great one? And what truly makes some organizations the best? To help you see how these top companies differentiate themselves from the competition, and what you can do to improve your workplace, here are some key areas that define the greats.

Cultivate Passion

Most of the best places to work have one thing in common: passionate employees. These workers and managers operate with a sense of enthusiasm and curiosity and are typically more open to change than those who feel less strongly about their work.

Cultivating passion means creating a culture that encourages exploration and one that is open to taking new avenues when the right opportunity presents itself. While not every idea will turn into something helpful, making sure workers have the space to consider new possibilities and formulate new ideas can help keep the level of passion high.

Support Growth

Employees want to work for businesses that will help them progress in their professional lives, either through informal arrangements or formal programs. Companies that give workers a chance to learn new skills, interact with emerging technologies, and work together in new ways help employees advance their understanding of their field and keeps them feeling challenged.

Often, top performers need this kind of workplace to thrive, as it keeps them engaged and gives them new opportunities to grow. Without them, your best and brightest likely won’t stick around if a better offer comes around.

Offer Recognition

Another must-do to be considered a great employer is to recognize employees for a job well done. Anything from a sincere thank you from a manager to a full employee appreciation event can do the trick, as long as workers are shown that their input is valued by the company overall.

Some organizations make the mistake of treating employees like assets and not people. By acknowledging their efforts, you show that you understand the company wouldn’t be where it is today without workers like them.

Offer Competitive Salaries

While compensation alone doesn’t make a company a best place to work, not remaining competitive is a sure way to find yourself off of that list. Businesses need to keep pace with their competitors in regards to salary and benefits. Failing to do so may lead top talent to simply pass you by and your current employees to leave once a better opportunity becomes available.

Now, you don’t have to outdo other companies in the area of compensation. Instead, just make sure you are within the norms for your location and the type of work being performed.

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