Rejected? These Experts Might Know Why!


Getting rejected for a job can be tough to swallow. After all, you might not be entirely sure what went wrong, making it difficult to reconcile the result of your actions.

Usually, this leaves you questioning every move you could make, especially since there can be a large number of variables involved. But, there are certain mistakes that may cause the hiring manager to send your resume to the discard pile, and not all of them are easy to spot.

If you’re battling against multiple rejections, here are some reasons experts say you might not be getting offered the position.

You Aren’t Completely Qualified

One of the most commonly cited reasons for passing on an applicant, especially during the earlier screening phases, is that the candidate wasn’t actually qualified for the job. Having the right combination of experience and skills to succeed in the position is a must in the eyes of employers. So, if you appear to come up short, they aren’t likely to move forward with you.

If you typically stretch your qualifications or apply to vacancies that don’t align with what you have to offer, you probably aren’t going to land an interview. Instead, you need to make sure your target role falls within your capabilities and appropriate supporting details are clearly visible on your resume and cover letter.

You’re Less Than Enthusiastic

From the hiring manager’s perspective, a passionate candidate is going to be more desirable than an applicant who seems to be lacking enthusiasm, even if the latter is more qualified on paper. Without clearly showing your excitement for the opportunity, the hiring manager may question whether you are genuinely interested in the role or simply going through the motions.

While you don’t need to be over the top, showing the hiring manager you are passionate about your profession, the industry or the job itself helps you make a better impression, increasing your odds of being selected for the role.

You Neglected to Follow the Directions

Some job seekers fail to thoroughly read the job postings before they apply. At times, neglecting to read every line means you’ll miss critical instructions regarding how to send your application or what materials are required.

Generally, if a hiring manager sees you didn’t follow the directions, your application is automatically rejected, regardless of what you have to offer. In fact, many hiring managers won’t even read your information if it’s clear a mandatory document is missing.

Before firing off your resume, make sure to read the vacancy announcement from beginning to end, keeping an eye out for any special instructions you may have overlooked initially. Then, if you spot any directions, follow them to the letter. Not only does this ensure you provide everything necessary, but it also demonstrates you are detail-oriented, and that can play in your favor.

While there can certainly be other reasons as to why your application is being rejected, those listed above are common missteps that are almost guaranteed to send your resume straight to the discard pile. If you are interested in learning more or are looking for new job opportunities, the skilled professionals at The Advance Group can help. Contact us to speak with a member of our experienced team today and see how our expertise can benefit you.






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