Want to Prioritize Workforce Planning in 2023? Here’s How

Want to Prioritize Workforce Planning in 2023?

Overall, labor market conditions in 2022 were tumultuous. The Great Resignation had a significant impact early in the year, and professionals continued reevaluating their employment options as the year wore on. Additionally, economic factors like inflation and a potential recession in 2023 altered the broader landscape, impacting professionals’ views on compensation and harming company budgets.

This year, organizations are going to face a significant amount of uncertainty. As a result, prioritizing workforce planning in 2023 is essential, ensuring companies can navigate potential challenges and continuously right-size their workforce. If you want to ensure that your business is ready for the road ahead, here’s what you need to know.

How Workforce Planning Streamlines Your Business

Workforce planning involves assessing your current staffing levels and comparing them to future talent needs. Primarily, the goal is to identify skill gaps and similar competency challenges that may hold the company back. However, determining if there’s a surplus of specific skill sets is also beneficial, allowing you to note redundancies that aren’t providing sufficient value.

Generally, workforce planning streamlines your business by creating opportunities to right-size. Often, this is a two-fold process involving both operational and strategic perspectives. For operational workforce planning, the goal is to outline short-term needs to ensure daily activities move forward seamlessly. Strategic workforce planning is more forward-thinking, concentrating on long-term talent requirements based on anticipated demand, upcoming projects, and similar needs.

By assessing both workforce planning angles, companies have the ability to ensure high productivity by supporting daily operations without overspending in any single area and meeting the needs of tomorrow. With the latter, this creates opportunities for proactive recruitment, allowing organizations to start identifying new talent in anticipation of the activities that lie ahead.

Tips for Effective Workforce Planning in 2023

Focus on the Experience

Recruitment and retention remain challenging for companies due to shifting employee expectations, lower unemployment rates, high inflation, and other factors. As a result, employers need to go the extra mile when it comes to the candidate and employee experience.

When recruiting, highlight a compelling employer value proposition to ensure candidates understand precisely what your company brings to the table. Highlight salary ranges, benefits packages, pathways for advancement, work-life balance perks, and similar details to attract top talent with greater ease.

Internally, focus on cultivating a stellar culture, preferably one that prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion. Additionally, continuously adapt to meet the changing needs of employees, ensuring they feel suitably supported during challenging economic times. Focusing on transparent communication is also wise, as that boosts loyalty and eliminates confusion should difficult conditions develop.

Create Several Strategic Plans

In many cases, having multiple strategic workforce plans is essential during periods of economic uncertainty. Instead of focusing on one outcome, create separate staffing roadmaps for the best and worst-case scenarios based on current expert predictions about the year ahead. Additionally, design one strategic workforce plan that falls in between those two. By going that route, your company remains agile, allowing it to immediately and proactively respond to shifting conditions.

Partner with a Staffing Firm

When you need greater workforce agility, partnering with a staffing firm is essential. You can secure temporary workers to support higher demand periods without a long-term commitment and with reduced risk. Additionally, you can take advantage of temp-to-hire arrangements, allowing you to conduct no-risk working interviews to ensure a candidate is the right fit before bringing them on board permanently.

Plus, working with a staffing firm means you get support from recruitment and hiring professionals, making it easier to streamline your process. If you’d like to experience the difference working with a recruitment agency can make, The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us today.




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