How Analytics Can Provide Better Recruitment Outcomes

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In today’s talent-management landscape, making smart hiring decisions is essential. A single bad hire can have a lasting impact, harming productivity and profitability in ways that are often unexpected.

Fortunately, by using data-driven hiring processes, improving recruitment outcomes is possible.

Here’s a look at how staffing agencies leverage analytics to refine hiring processes:

Data-Driven Talent Sourcing

By examining past workforce trends, recruiters can proactively prepare for upcoming peak seasons, ensuring talent is available when it’s needed. Plus, they can use data to determine what makes a candidate a great fit, leading to the highest quality matches.

Analytics can also expedite sourcing by identifying the best resources for recruitment. Data can show which recruitment methods resonate with the right type of talent. This ensures resources are leveraged when similarly skilled candidates are required.

Analytics for Candidate Screening

Resume screening is a cumbersome process when handled manually. Fortunately, staffing firms are often technology-forward, and their ability to leverage cutting-edge solutions accelerates the candidate screening process.

After developing a suitable job description, recruitment firms can use algorithms to screen incoming applications and resumes. This allows them to shortlist talent, ensuring recruitment efforts are used correctly. Through that process, only top talent moves on to the next phase of the hiring process. This saves significant time and ultimately shortens the time-to-hire without sacrificing quality.

Ongoing Performance Analytics

When a staffing agency places a candidate, its involvement doesn’t stop there. Instead, they use analytics to assess the new hire’s performance once they’re working in the position. Along with providing valuable insights, the analytics let recruiters refine their future  efforts for that client.

The collected data helps recruiters identify skills and traits that lead to greater chances of success. Then, that information can be applied to future recruitment efforts when new vacancies arise. This allows candidate quality to effectively improve with every placement, ensuring clients receive the best possible results in the shortest period possible.

Data for Employee Retention

Just as analytics can help monitor and improve the performance of placed candidates, data can also make a difference when it comes to employee retention. Collected information is analyzed by the staffing firm’s recruitment team to identify patterns that are playing a role in turnover. Then, they can factor that into future recruitment efforts, allowing them to focus on applicants with the highest chances of longevity.

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