Beyond Resumes: The Comprehensive Evaluation Process of Staffing Agencies

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Companies need right-fit candidates to ensure a productive and capable workforce. The challenge is that assessing whether an applicant is a solid match using resumes alone is incredibly difficult, if not outright impossible.

There’s far more to the new hire evaluation process than their amount of experience and existing hard skills. That’s why staffing agencies look beyond resumes to determine whether a candidate is genuinely a solid fit.

Here’s a look at the comprehensive evaluation process used by recruitment firms and why it leads to better hiring.

Application Screening

While resumes or applications alone aren’t enough to determine a candidate’s full potential, reviewing that information is a critical part of the broader process. Staffing agencies initially make decisions about which applicants to pursue for specific openings by screening applications and resumes. This part of the process ensures that job seekers have the right mix of skills and necessary experience to fulfill the requirements of the position.

In many cases, recruitment firms can accelerate this part of the hiring process by harnessing data analytics to determine which candidates are the best initial matches. That allows the recruiters to focus on job seekers with the most potential quickly, reducing the time-to-hire for the client companies they support.

Multi-Faceted Interviews

After an initial application or resume screening, staffing agencies conduct in-depth, multi-faceted interviews to evaluate candidates further. Part of this step involves confirming that job seekers have the hard skills and experience they claim on their resume. However, it also goes further.

During the interview, the recruitment team gets to know the candidate on a deeper level, using behavioral interview questions and similar techniques to gather additional information. They find out about their unique personality traits, workplace preferences, career goals, and more. By doing so, they can assess job seekers for culture fit and determine if a position aligns with their primary professional objectives. Often, this stage has a significant impact on whether the candidate will perform well in a position and offer a client company longevity, making it a critical part of the evaluation equation.

Skills Assessments and Testing

When staffing agencies consider candidates for a vacant position with a client company, they go the extra mile to ensure the job seekers they’ve considered genuinely have the capabilities necessary to perform in the role. In most cases, this takes the form of skills assessments and testing.

By having candidates perform tasks similar to what’s required for the job, recruiters can ensure that any job seekers recommended to client companies are legitimately capable of handling the position’s associated duties. In turn, the quality of the recommendations is as high as possible, allowing employers to make faster hiring decisions without having to worry about whether a job seeker is genuinely capable.

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