Auto Manufacturer

The Challenge:

One of our clients is an Auto Parts Manufacturer which supplies one of the top US Automakers. Prior to partnering with us, they were struggling to keep up production, especially in the area of inspection. Their current process was slow with too many inaccuracies, partially due to high employee turnover. Too often, poor inspection caused complete shipment returns, resulting in extra costs. The company needed the right employees to speed up their production in order to meet their deadlines while still delivering a quality product.

The Solution:

The Advance Group was able to provide the company with four employees the next day. A week into the assignment we received this feedback: “Ginger did well yesterday. They all seem to be doing well so far. Kenneth’s production rate is going up daily, Jason is a hard worker & he is coming in tomorrow (Saturday) for us. Lea caught a bad part yesterday which was good. So far so good on all the employees!”

The Success:

One of our Staffing Specialists was assigned as a Lead for this client and is present on-site during break hours once a week. Ongoing communication and feedback with both the client and our employees have enabled us to pinpoint the exact type of workers that are successful for their business. Employee retention has increased because we are able to interact with the employees and solve potential issues before they become a problem. We implemented an attendance program that has decreased absenteeism in the plant. This particular client prefers to use our Long-Term Staffing option. Communicating this preference to the employees and promoting our excellent benefits has contributed to improved retention.