The Challenge:

In early 2014, a candidate with a strong but diverse work history approached us for help in finding the next step in his career. His talents and experience varied widely, and he was looking for a career, not just a job. His background included ten years as a Quality Control Inspector and six years as a Transcription Typist. Recruiters needed to dig deep and be creative to help find him the right position.

The Solution:

Recruiters started by asking behavior-based questions to gain insight into his work style. Recruiters specifically asked about his goals and ideal work environment to ensure they can place him in a position that fits. They also provided testing to help clarify his skill-set and point them in the right direction. This star candidate was placed in a role at one of our long-term customers, was hired-in permanently, and was there for three years.

The Success:

In 2017, this candidate approached us again. He was laid-off due to lack of work and sought our assistance again in finding his path. This time, the candidate was at a different place in his life and was seeking a slightly different position. He wanted something that felt more like a hobby, something he was truly passionate about. Again, our recruiters dug deeper and discovered more skills and talents of his including electrical assembly and a Ham radio hobby. Shortly after he returned to Advance, he was placed in a part-time, electrical assembly position that fit his interests, schedule, and salary requirements. We received fantastic feedback from both the candidate and client within the first couple days of him starting. He was later hired-in permanently and is still there today. We received this feedback, “I never felt pressure to take an assignment. My recruiter made an effort to match my experience set with prospective employers. All the staff was friendly.”