Keeping Our Communities Secure Through Essential Staffing

We are so appreciative of our essential clients and employees who are working long hours and making difficult sacrifices to manufacture and distribute essential goods & services so our society can stay afloat. We are proud to be able to support them during this pandemic! A few stories we would like to share:

  • Located in Southeast Michigan, which is considered one of the “hot spots” for the virus, The Advance Group took an early hit with the shelter in place implementation causing a sudden shut down of many of our clients. We found ourselves with many displaced temporary workers.A Major grocery chain distribution center sits in between two of our branch offices. We knew they were bound by a union contract that didn’t allow for temporary workers, UNLESS, “they got into a bind.” Obviously, a global pandemic causing an extreme, sudden and excessive demand for grocery products is quite the bind. We reached out and were able to provide them with dozens of workers to support packaging cold and freezer grocery items for immediate distribution.
  • The Advance Group is incredibly proud to partner with a local manufacturing company that offers a complete line of high-quality enzymatic detergents, high-level disinfectants, and surface disinfectants for use in hospitals, liquid medical waste disposal products, hand hygiene products, eye shields and MRSA infection prevention products. Their products are specifically designed for healthcare markets such as acute care, primary care, ambulatory surgery centers (ASC), EMS/Fire/Police, extended care, and the public sector.Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they were tasked to produce over 10 million containers of bleach disinfecting disposable towelettes. This mass production has their plant in overdrive, working all three shifts 24/7.
  • The Advance Group has been working with an existing client who is a food manufacturer and distributer. We have been able to provide 20+ additional employees since the start of the Pandemic. This has allowed them to open additional lines and increase production. This company has recently started paying weekly bonuses to all employees who are working through the current crisis. They have implemented protocols to keep all employees safe and keep in constant communication with us.
  • The Advance Group has a long-term partnership with a local company that has been manufacturing high quality, custom cleaning products for almost 60 years. They have developed their own brands and helped their customers develop their own products as well. Prior to the pandemic, The Advance Group was providing production staff and other skilled labor as needed. Since their business demands have surged with COVID-19, we’ve been able to ramp up our recruiting efforts and communication to ensure we still meet and exceed their expectations as a staffing provider and partner.

The staffing industry is instrumental in putting America back to work. We are all in this together! Stay well!