Plastics Company

The Challenge:

A long-term client of ours, a growing plastics company, came to us in the beginning stages of a buyout, in need of a qualified HR Manager. This position was new to the company as it was previously handled by the owner. The candidate they were looking for would have to come in and jump right into writing procedures and maintaining employee records. They needed someone who the employees would feel confident talking to during the process of the merger.

The Solution:

Our recruiters immediately started looking for the right candidate for the position and the client. The recruiters processed the candidate we already had in our system as well as recruiting from multiple locations. They had candidates run through our screening process to help ensure that both the candidate and the client would be happy once placed in the position. We found the right candidate for the role and sent them for an interview. The client was highly satisfied with the quality of the candidate.

The Success:

In no time our candidate was handling the company’s merger from both sides. They restructured multiple policies and created a stronger workforce within the company. The candidate had been extremely successful and created excellent relationships with the employees. The candidate implemented multiple incentive programs to help boost morale and longevity within the company. The candidate has been very happy with their placement as well as the company.