Are You Applying to Manufacturing Jobs?

  When someone gets ready for a job search, manufacturing jobs might not be the first area they chose to explore. Often, myths about the career potential of these roles lead some to pass by these opportunities, causing them to miss out on what they have to offer. Manufacturing jobs can be an excellent choice… Read More »

Top 5 Hardest Manufacturing Jobs to Fill in Northwestern Ohio (and How You Can Find Qualified Workers)

  At times, finding a qualified candidate for a vacant position seems impossible. Certain roles are notoriously hard to fill; especially when demand for specific skills is high and the available talent pool seems drained. In northwestern Ohio, five manufacturing positions are proving to be significantly more difficult to fill than others, leaving hiring managers… Read More »

3 Job Search Tips Manufacturing Candidates Need to Know

  Searching for a job has always been difficult, but with social media, networking and references, finding that perfect job gets a little bit easier. Working in the manufacturing field is a calling for most employees, so when it comes time to find a new job within the industry, you need to know the best… Read More »

Robotics and Its Effect on Manufacturing

Who, or what, is working next to you? Sooner or later, it is likely to be a robot rather than a human. In the eyes of many, the use of robots is long overdue. In fact, even ten years ago, people in the industry were warning that people would soon be doing far less work… Read More »