There’s a New Safety Priority at Your Workplace

  If your work environment is loud, noise-induced hearing loss is a possibility. Companies across the country are striving to limit these risks by providing employees with suitable amounts of protection and working to reduce high decibel levels. One OSHA report shows organizations have had to pay out around $1.5 million in damages for failing […]

Increase Warehouse Safety (Without Blowing Your Budget)

  Workplace and warehouse safety should be a priority in every warehouse. Not only is protecting your employees the ethical thing to do, but it can also result in cost savings by preventing expensive injuries on the job. But, if your budget is limited, it may be tempting to forgo certain safety measures to help […]

Update Your Assembly Workplace Safety Policies for 2017

  When you operate an assembly workplace, you already know that safety is important. Having strong policies and procedures in place ensures your employees aren’t experiencing undue risk and govern what actions must occur when in regards to safety. If your policies haven’t been revised within the past few years or if there have been […]

Gearing Up For Winter Safety Regulations

As the seasons move rapidly into the winter months, conditions can become treacherous around Michigan and other Northern Central states. This means that companies across the country, no matter where they are located, should be preparing their employees for winter safety regulations. Your employees need to be put in a safe situation no matter the circumstances, […]