How to Maximize the Value of Working with a Staffing Partner

How to Maximize the Value of Working with a Staffing Partner The Advance Group

Most companies are aware of the traditional benefits of working with a staffing partner, such as reduced hiring costs, access to new talent pools, and reduced time-to-hire. However, recruitment agencies can offer employers far more, allowing them to maximize the value companies receive from the relationship.

By looking beyond the basics, you ensure your investment delivers as much as possible. Here are some other ways that a staffing partner can benefit your company.

Assistance with Strategic Workforce Planning

Many employers only turn to staffing partners when they have a vacancy that needs immediate filling. While recruitment agencies can certainly meet that need, they can also provide strategic workforce planning guidance that allows companies to act proactively.

By analyzing your past hiring needs – including seasonal shifts in demand – and assessing your upcoming project goals, a staffing partner can identify the skillsets you’ll require and when they’ll become necessary. In turn, they can begin the recruitment process in anticipation of your upcoming needs, ensuring you’ll have the proper candidate available in advance. As a result, your company won’t experience delays resulting from unoptimized staffing levels, allowing productivity to remain high and ensuring projects are underway at the right moment.

Insights into the Current Job and Labor Market

Staffing firms are highly knowledgeable regarding job and labor market conditions in their operational area. They’re familiar with the challenges companies face, as well as the expectations of job seekers. Plus, they know how to meet candidates where they are, allowing them to offer an improved experience while meeting client company needs.

By viewing your staffing partner as an informational resource, you can increase your awareness of local market conditions. In turn, you’ll have an easier time creating hiring plans that align with existing conditions, making it easier to plan strategically regardless of how economic conditions change over time.

Techniques for Identifying Overlooked Talent

When many companies hire, they focus on finding candidates that check every box on a lengthy list of required hard skills. While technical prowess is a factor to consider, recruitment professionals also know techniques that help identify top talent that classically goes overlooked.

By partnering with a staffing provider, you benefit from that expertise. As a result, it’s far easier to find passionate candidates that you can mold into your perfect employee in relatively short order, an approach that often leads to exceptional results.

An Effective Advocate for Your Company

When you partner with a staffing firm, your recruiter spends time learning the ins and outs of not just the role but your entire company. By getting in-depth information on your culture, compensation, advancement opportunities, and other details, the recruitment agency can serve as your company’s advocate. When they find suitable candidates, they can promote what your organization brings to the table through one-on-one conversations. Along with boosting candidate engagement, this can help position your company as an employer of choice, leading to easier recruitment and retention down the line.

Ultimately, your staffing partner can assist in all of the areas above. If you’d like to experience the difference firsthand, The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us today.




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