Use These Tips to Create a Brighter Springtime Workplace

  The cold weather is behind us and the springtime is bringing warmer temperatures and lots of sunshine to Michigan and Ohio … finally! Many workers have been cooped up in their offices, cubicles, and plants for far too long. It’s time to bring the springtime into the workplace with these creative ideas. Dejunk the […]

Is “Blind Hiring” Good For Your Workforce?

  In the quest to improve diversity in hiring, companies are turning to “blind hiring” practices, which seeks to eliminate the unique characteristics of candidates before they are considered for employment. The goal of blind hiring is to bring people on board who have the skills to perform certain tasks, and not because of other […]

How to Quantify the Real Value of Your Workforce

In the world of human resources, it’s hard to put a number on certain aspects of the personnel management game. Typically, businesses can be slow to adopt HR metrics and it can be difficult to quantify certain strategies in HR. But as HR professionals, it is up to us to make a case for the […]

Use a Personal Brand to Start Attracting Top-Tier Candidates

It’s common for companies to think that their corporate brand is more important than their personal brand. Well this might be true for a large well-known brands, for a smaller company the personal brand is part of the corporate brand.  Therefore, it’s up to every business to develop a strong personal brand in order to […]

How to Turn Renegade Employees into Valuable Team Members

  Do you often walk by your work teams and see several people missing, off doing their own things? These are your renegade employees, and while they are very talented, they are somehow disconnected from the rest of the team – and need to be reeled back in. How can you turn renegade employees into […]

The Secret Key to Employee Development

    Employee development is an important part of a business being successful, and it is also a hot topic right now. Companies are constantly looking for new ways to develop their employees into leaders, so they can promote them to management positions. Having employees who can move up the corporate ladder at the same […]