Follow Your Career Dreams! (Just Read This Advice, First)

  Millennials are taking over the workforce, as one of the largest group of workers since the baby boomers. They tend to bring with them unique values, including the idea that they can do anything they put their mind to. Many have pretty clear ideas about what they are interested in and what they want […]

Want to Stay in Your Temp Job? Start Building Relationships!

  Building strong relationships at the office is not just for permanent employees, but also for temporary workers. Even though you might only be working at a temp job for two weeks or a couple of months, it is still imperative to build strong relationships. When temporary workers build strong relationships, it puts them in […]

Get Your Resume Ready for Autumn — But Avoid these Pitfalls!

  The cooler months of autumn can be the perfect time to launch a new job search, starting with whipping a resume into shape. A well-designed resume can help you get in front of the best hiring companies. But, before you go through all this effort, make sure your resume doesn’t include any of these […]

Be Careful What You Tweet! Job Seeker Tips to Avoid Social Sabotage

  It’s been said many times over – be careful what you share on social media sites. Social networks forever archive the comments and posts of people who own these accounts. What may appear to be a harmless post can land anyone in legal hot water later on. But, people still think that it’s ok […]

Is Following Your Heart Actually Rotten Career Advice?

Nearly everyone has heard someone say to them in the past,”Oh, just follow your heart”, when it comes to choosing a vocation. But, is this really rotten career advice? Maybe this was great advice when you were in Kindergarten and could imagine yourself being anything you wanted – like a fireman or a doctor or […]

Is Your Salary History Killing Your Shot at a New Job?

  One of the biggest discussions, and arguments, in the job search world today is whether or not a job seeker should disclose their salary history during a job interview with a potential employer. On one side of the argument, some experts say you should never disclose your salary history when speaking with a potential […]