Faster. Cheaper. When Temp Is a Smarter Hiring Option Than Full-Time

  Managing the size of your workforce can be a challenge. Whether it’s navigating employee vacations or other forms of leave, adjusting to seasonal shifts in demand, or handling a large-scale project, having the right skills available is a necessity. Often, companies default to seeking out new full-time, permanent workers when they require additional staff. […]

Follow These Tips to Set Temp Employees Up For Success

  When your business could benefit from an extra person on a short-term basis, bring in temp employees may be the ideal solution.  In order to ensure that the person brought in has the highest chance to succeed, consider the following tips are part of your hiring plan. Clearly State the Job Requirements The first […]

Making Temporary Employees Feel Welcome in Your Workplace

  Why do many temporary employees feel awkward and unwanted on the job? Temporary employees generally don’t receive the same attention that permanent hires get, because they are here one day, gone the next. Managers and employees view them as, well, temporary — so no one takes the time to welcome them to the company. […]