3 Tips to Find More Successful Candidates

3 Tips To Find More Successful Candidates The Advance Group

Finding candidates that will succeed once hired is a common goal for companies in nearly every industry. While the concept seems simple, it’s often far more challenging to accomplish than many employers expect. Determining whether a new hire is an ideal fit from resumes and interviews alone is difficult at best. Fortunately, other approaches can make it easier. By using the right strategies, you can increase your access to right-fit talent.

Here are three tips to find more successful candidates that you can start using today.

1. Make Referrals a Top Priority

When it comes to finding high-quality matches quickly, few methods are as effective as employee referrals. The benefit here is that your workforce understands what it takes to thrive in your environment. Plus, most professionals won’t stake their name on a candidate if they aren’t sure they’ll make a positive impression. As a bonus, it also encourages your staff to become champions for your company, which can generate far-reaching positive word-of-mouth.

Ideally, you want to make providing referrals as simple as possible. Create a centralized portal for quick submissions, or ensure that all employees know that they can directly forward information about candidates to appropriate HR personnel or hiring managers.

Additionally, consider incentivizing your employee referral program. By offering a bonus if a referred candidate becomes a successful new hire, you can increase engagement, leading to better results.

2. Create a Quicker Hiring Process

Lengthy, cumbersome hiring processes typically cost companies in the long run. When your hiring process is too long, many top contenders won’t’ remain engaged. In some cases, they’ll get scooped up by competitors before you can make a hiring decision. In others, they’ll view the complex process as a red flag, causing them to remove themselves from contention.

Ideally, you want a short, mobile-friendly application process that requires little more than the submission of a resume. Additionally, focus on communication to boost engagement and handle steps simultaneously when possible. Also, limit the number of interview rounds to just one or two. Finally, provide candidates with an overview of your full process and timeline upfront, ensuring they feel well informed about what’s to come.

3. Improve Your Job Postings

In many cases, your job postings act as a source of first impressions for prospective candidates. If the content isn’t carefully curated, it won’t attract the right talent. Additionally, if the details are sparse or inaccurate, you may connect with the wrong type of job seekers, making it harder to secure an excellent new hire.

Begin by reviewing the job description for accuracy and completeness. Next, check your must-have skills list, limiting it to capabilities that are genuinely needed on day one. If you’re willing to train in a skill area, shift it to a nice-to-have list instead, ensuring capable candidates don’t screen themselves out.

Additionally, provide insights about the company culture and your employer value proposition. By showcasing what your organization brings to the table, candidates can determine if they’ll mesh with your workplace, which can lead to stronger matches.

Finally, consider adding a salary range to the job posting. By doing so, candidates can see if what you can offer meets their needs, reducing the odds of applicants moving through the hiring process that won’t be able to accept a pay rate that fits with your budget.

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Ultimately, the three tips above can help you find more successful candidates quickly. If you’d like additional access to top talent, partnering with a staffing firm is also a smart move. If you want to find out how a recruitment agency can help, the staff at The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us today.




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