Great Job Offer – Terrible Pay. What Do You Do Next?

Imagine that you recently interviewed for your dream job and feel incredibly confident that an offer is coming. Your excitement builds quickly because the role involves precisely what you’d like to do, the workplace culture is exceptional, and you’d have opportunities to advance. Then, when the job offer finally arrives, you see a lowball offer.… Read More »

Find the Perfect Job (Before You Hate Your “OK” Job!)

Many professionals assume that staying in a just ok job isn’t bad. However, as time passes, the situation can take a turn. You may begin to disengage at work, causing your productivity and work quality to fall. If your routine gets dull, frustration can also build. Then, in relatively short order, you may find yourself… Read More »

Looking for a Temp Job with Benefits? Find Out What the Advance Group Can Offer You!

Many candidates assume that you can’t find a fantastic temp job that also comes with a robust benefits package. However, at The Advance Group, that isn’t the case. Our employee benefits program ensures that anyone can access critical benefits, including those working in temporary positions. If you’re wondering what The Advance Group can offer you,… Read More »

What Does It Take to Work with Advance?

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Why Working with a Recruiter Might Be the Best Choice You Make This Year!

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Find a New Temporary Job Before Holiday Season!

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Don’t Wait Any Longer to Find a New Job!

When the COVID-19 pandemic first led to widespread shelter-in-place orders, many businesses had to shutter their doors. Millions of Americans found themselves unemployed as a result, as many companies couldn’t afford to keep their employees on staff when they weren’t fully operational. In the case of layoffs, the vast majority of impacted professionals qualify for… Read More »

Working in a Call Center? This Advice Is for You!

When you work in an office environment like a call center, proper etiquette is a must. By following both the written and unwritten rules associated with being a call center employee, you’re adhering to behavioral standards that your manager and coworkers simply assume you’d adopt. Not only does office etiquette ensure you’re meeting any unspoken… Read More »

Who Qualifies for a Machine Maintenance Position?

If you enjoy working on machinery and equipment, working in a machine maintenance position might seem ideal. Often, you’ll spend your shift managing routine upkeep, troubleshooting malfunctions, and handling critical fixes. Keeping the machinery up and running is your primary goal, one that can be incredibly rewarding. But, if you want to land a machine… Read More »

What Is a Day in the Life of an Assembler Like?

Many professionals find assembly positions incredibly rewarding. It’s the kind of job where you can see real-world results each and every day. Your efforts translate into something tangible, giving you visual proof about how hard you’ve worked. While the job title gives a strong indication about the tasks assemblers handle, many who haven’t worked in… Read More »