There Are 14,000 Open Jobs in Michigan. Fill Yours Today!

The current tight labor market has dramatically altered the hiring landscape. Whether you’re looking for a highly experienced in-demand professional, an entry-level employee, or anything in between, connecting with top talent is increasingly difficult. Additionally, the landscape isn’t likely to change for some time. Since that’s the case, employers in Michigan need a solution, ensuring […]

3 Ways to Make Your Company Attractive to Future Employees

Today, professionals have an increasing number of choices when it comes to employers. Along with local opportunities, the rise of remote work has broken geographical barriers, allowing those with the right skills to work for companies all across the country from the comfort of their own home. Plus, candidates are doing an increasing amount of […]

2020’s Best Employees Will Have This Trait

The labor market has been tight for some time. Companies are having to rethink how they hire, as focusing on hard skills, experience, and formal education either isn’t always an option or doesn’t generate the desired outcome. Today, employers have to look beyond traditional qualifications if they want to find a candidate with real potential, […]

Are Top Candidates Slipping Out of Your Grasp?

  You’ve read through mountains of resumes and applications and left messages to schedule interviews. Sometimes, you’ve even conducted the interviews and began the second round or even made a job offer. And, then, nothing. It’s as if the candidate has just disappeared. No returned phone call, no cancellation email, just gone. Having top candidates […]

Where Are All the Temps Going? How to Make a Hiring Plan After Peak Season

      As the busy season comes to a close, seasonal and temporary employees may be leaving to head back to college or to take other permanent jobs. This can reduce your staff dramatically, which can take a toll on the business and the employees who are left behind. How can you design a […]