Why You Need a Career Mentor

There are a multitude of things a person can do these days to improve the success they have in their career. One of those things is having a career mentor. Not everyone employs the use of a career mentor, but it is definitely something that should be taken into consideration. We will discuss the most… Read More »

Lead Through Learning – Promote New Skills In the Workplace

Promoting new skills in the workplace is very important for companies around the world. Why? Leading through learning is an excellent way to promote and develop new skills, especially when there are a lot of new hires in the building. Transferring existing skills from experienced employees to new employees is a critical component of workplace… Read More »

Perfect Resumes for Manufacturing Jobs

Is it possible to write the perfect resume — even for a manufacturing job in Ohio or Michigan? We certainly think so, but it all depends on who you talk to and who is going to read the resume. Everyone has their opinions about resumes, including what should and should not be included on them.… Read More »

What You Need to Know BEFORE Interviewing

As you prepare for your next job interview, there are a few things you should keep in mind before setting foot on the company’s property. Never arrive for a job interview unprepared. You are only wasting your time and the time of the interviewer. You also will find it difficult to secure the job offer.… Read More »

Hiring Millennials: Risky or Rewarding?

It seems like the millennials have taken over the workforce these days. These are the folks who were born right as the Internet was shaping into the powerful resource it is today. As a result, they tend to embrace technology. They also have different views when it comes to their work styles, and defining roles… Read More »

Increase Employee Productivity through Trust

Finding new methods to increase employee productivity in today’s fast-paced, technology-lasden world can be very difficult. Companies are looking for new ideas on a daily basis, but we think we have the ultimate solution; use trust. When you trust your employees, they are more likely to be productive because they will know how much you… Read More »

Advice for Managers Who Want Their Temp Employees to Respect Them

Working as a manager at a company that employs temporary workers can pose new challenges. In the first place, you are working with people who come and go every couple of months, so it can be hard to build a personal and working relationship with those employees. Managers may also worry about earning respect from… Read More »

Attracting Talent with Your Employer Brand

Attracting talent is the number one goal of many businesses today. After a long-term hiring freeze, many businesses are just beginning the hiring process once again. Now the goals have shifted from what they were five or six years ago—for the companies doing the hiring as well as job seekers who are looking for jobs.… Read More »

Predicting Recruitment in 2013 – Six Recruiting Trends to Watch For

What’s in store for recruitment processes in the coming year? According to experts, recruiting is about to hit a major boom in 2013. This is for several reasons. First, with the unemployment rate dropping slightly in many regions, this is an indicator that more companies are hiring – meaning that they are ready for great… Read More »